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Big Equipment, Low Risk

Project info:

Companies Involved:


Load Weight:

177, 150, 77 tonnes

Total Load Time:

14 hours


Gdynia, Poland


Liverpool, UK

Solutions to moving big

MacGregor are world leaders in the design and installation of Linkspans, a way to connect ships to the shore in high tidal areas. Harlyn was approached to provide the transport solution for moving the components from their fabrication site in Poland to Liverpool, where a new ferry terminal between Liverpool and the Isle of Man is being constructed.

Unplanned Restrictions

As the world begins to navigate its way out of a pandemic, and with new Brexit regulations coming into action, transporting heavy equipment has required more planning and preparation.

The challenge:

Equipment Size

The components were big, with lengths of 60m and weights of over 150 tonnes. Their size required either large vessels or barges to transport.


Due to covid-19 restrictions, we could not use the original berth as planned. As a result, a new discharge location and methodology were needed. With most berths being behind the locks and the size of the cargo and complex engineering solution was required.

Engineering-led Solutions

Solving unique challenges requires engineering-led solutions. With the correct preparation, working closely with our client, and being adaptable to out of hand challenges we faced, we  successfuly delivered the equipment to it’s destination.

The solution:

Stowing Plan

Harlyn developed a solution that allowed the pieces to be stowed across three decks. This meant that we could ship on a small 6000 deadweight coaster, saving the client money and de-risking the transport by reducing demurrage rates.

Preparation is key

We produced method statements and engineered solutions to discharge the pieces with a floating crane, allowing us to lift the cargo with the ship berthed inside the locks while using the crane on the outside, allowing us to transit to the storage berth with cargo under the hook.

Finding solutions on the job

With any job, last-minute changes can appear. As the original berth was no longer an option, we worked with our client and their subcontractors to engineer an alternative discharge, resulting in lifting the pieces with a crane vessel outside of the locks and over a wall. Choosing the lowest risk option allowed us not to clog the Liverpool locks. Harlyn’s site team were able to produce lift plans and source equipment to handle the changes.

Client testimonial

Big Equipment, Low Risk

With flexibility, solutions-led strategies, and working closely with our client, we were able to successfully deliver the linkspan components from Gdynia to Liverpool. As specialists in moving complex cargo, we put engineering at the forefront of transport solutions, ensuring that there are no surprises mid-transport, mitigating risk, and providing clients with an engineer as a single point of contact committed to their project’s delivery.

Last minute challenges? Harlyn are here to help.

The project and discharge threw up many last-minute challenges but Harlyn and their engineers were able to adapt and assist us with the successful delivery under difficult circumstances and tight timescales. Working in very close cooperation with Harlyn on this project, on-site in Liverpool, and even with the last-minute changes and circumstances out of our control, Harlyn managed to come through with a great end result, and MacGregor was able to deliver the heavy structures from ship to shore and close phase 1 of this vast project. MacGregor is looking forward to phase 2 at the end of 2022, for the final installation and hand-over of the Linkspan to the client SISK, also this time with the cooperation of Harlyn.

MacGregor Installation Manager

Engineering-led transportation
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