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Project info:

Companies Involved:


Load Weight:

65 tonne

Total Load Items:

Crawler Crane


Ellsmere Port


Manchester Ship Canal

Heavy equipment, no access

A recent client of ours was working to build a hydropower system near Birkenhead, England. Hydropower is renewable, clean energy that will help the community utilize its own resources to sustainably create power.

All of the incredible innovations that make a project like this possible were ready to go and our client needed a crane to install the hydropower system. Unfortunately, the geography wasn’t cooperating and there was no clear way to access the site on the outside of the locks.

No real access point

A common issue in projects like this is that the geography and traditional avenues of transport don’t work together. For this particular project, the location of the lock system was inaccessible. The only way to get the crane where it needed to go was via the canal. Our turnkey solution was to make use of the canal and appoint a barge to transport the crane to its destination.

The challenge:

Geography and location

Every project is different and requires an understanding of all the tools and resources available to make a transport project happen. Harlyn’s skills and experience in working with all heavy transport equipment made the decision-making simpler to get to the solution.

Lifting from the barge

Harlyn was able to assess the crane for operating on the barge, ensuring sufficient stability, strength, and utilisation of the crane to perform all the required lifts on the barge to get the crane to site.

Moving the barge

Of course, the other challenge is how to move the barge from one side of the river to the other.

The barge for the win

Not only did we successfully oversee all engineering and project management, but we solved some of the unique challenges through engineering-led transport solutions. By working with the obstacle, we made use of the canal and appointed a barge to transport the crane to its destination.

The solution:

Ground Loadings

Harlyn utilised long-reach ramps to load up the quay far from the edge, allowing the ground loadings on the old retaining walls.


Ongoing and dated infrastructure meant that mooring points were limited. Harlyn utilized the tug and other points to moor the barge effectively into position.


Harlyn built a Maxsurf Model to perform the stability checks on the pontoon in line with IMO standards.

Client testimonial

Unique challenges require unique solutions

With our turnkey solutions, the crane was able to be delivered into position with the support of a stabilised barge to carry it across the canal. Unique challenges require unique solutions. Our background and understanding of transport logistics helped us develop an approach that got the job done.

Engineering-led transportation
in action.

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