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Engineering-Led Solutions for Enshore

Harlyn Solutions

Project info:

Companies Involved:

Enshore Subsea Limited

Total Load Weight:

435 tonnes

Total Load Time:

10 hours


Port of Blyth


Limassol, Cyprus

Engineering-led solutions in action

One of our clients is pushing the boundaries of what is possible by operating undersea ploughs and trenchers to improve subsea pipelines. Among the incredible things they operate is the AMP1550 and backfill plough weighing 250 and 185 tonnes that help bury subsea pipelines, protecting them from anchors, fishing gear and other potential hazards.

These ploughs are being used all around the world and require a specialised approach to transport to get them to their project locations.

Harlyn Solutions

The challenge of moving incredible

Enshore Subsea Solutions was working with limited personnel and a tight timeline to finalise upgrades and transport two ploughs from storage in Blyth, England to a project in Cyprus. Harlyn took up the challenge of transporting the backfill ploughs which can come with significant risk.

The challenge:

High risk means no room for error

Along with the risk of damage to the cargo itself, the 185 tonne plough required the proper onshore transportation, vessel selection and loading equipment to keep everyone safe and the cargo moving.

Multiple sub-contractors wastes time and money

Because of the complex nature of the project, our client would have had to hire multiple subcontractors, costing time and wasting their specialist resources planning and engineering other parts of the project

From piecemeal to turnkey

Instead of trying to patch together different subcontractors for transport, they approached Harlyn for a turnkey solution for the whole project. We were able to give a fixed price and turn key solutions from position in storage through to delivered in Cyprus.

Harlyn Solutions

Solutions for moving incredible

Harlyn provided a full turn-key solution providing an engineered plan covering all the required modes of transport. Our unique approach of “following the engineering” lead us to the solution. Harlyn jacked, shifted by hydraulic platform trailer, and lifted with a 600-tonne crawler crane to move the backfill plough. Once onboard and landed on the required weight spreading, our engineers then secured the assets without the need for welding.

The solution:

Vessel selection

Our relationships with the shipping market as a customer, technical resource, and supplier, made it able to quickly narrow in on vessels to determine the optimum for any transport, both technically and also on commercial and combination cargos. Harlyn selected a specialist vessel, perfect for the cargo type and also trading with other cargos on the same route to give a great technical and commercial solution to our client.

Shore side movement

On the basis of the cargo, Harlyn determined the preferred method of transport. With two main options, self Propelled Modular Transports (SPMTs) or Hydraulic Platform Trailers, Hydraulic platform trailers were selected with the use of transport beams which meant lower mobilisation and demobilisation costs.

All aboard

Once delivered to the quayside with vessel alongside, Harlyn utilised a sub contractor to provide the lifting of the BFP onto the vessel. With a tight lift of only 200mm each side of the cargo and the need to lower the cargo down into the vessel's lower hold, with proper planning and engineering, this was no issue.

Not to forget the sister

Once loaded, the attention moved to the Back Fill Plough bigger sister, the 250 tonnes AMP1500. AMP was to be transported on the project vessel and to be self loaded via the ships A-Frame. Harlyn utilised the same crane, in the same shift, to lift the AMP1500 and weigh it with a calibrated load cell to get an accurate reading for the offshore campaign. When the time came to transport AMP1500, Harlyn engineered the transport and subsequent jacking on the quay to allow self-loading, minimising the alongside vessel time for the client and precious project time.

Return of the plough

After the execution of the project, Harlyn were responsible for returning the BFP to Blyth to give her some well deserved maintenance and await the next challenge. To reduce commercial and technical challenges, Harlyn were able to execute the same plan in reverse, loading in Cyprus and discharging in Blyth with our team across both ports providing solutions to all the possible problems.

Harlyn Solutions

Client testimonial

You Make Incredible, We Move Incredible

Due to our unique engineered approach, we were able to provide turnkey transport for a set of bespoke project assets. This meant our client spent less time worrying about delivering their plough and more time delivering their project. Our clients make incredible, we move incredible.

Harlyn Solutions

Total Care

Enshore Subsea hired Harlyn for the total care of the engineering, lifting & logistics of one of our trenching assets.
All lift plans, chartering of transport vessel, MWS approval, insurances, & custom arrangements, both on departure as well as arrival, were all taken care of.
We highly recommend using Harlyn for the total care of extraordinary cargo handling & logistics.

Project Manager, Enshore Subsea Ltd

Engineering-led transportation
in action.

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