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Gathered and Shipped

Harlyn Solutions

Project info:

Companies Involved:

Deep Ocean

Load Weight:

49 items, 160 tonnes

Total Load Time:

2 days


Blyth, England



Gathered and shipped

For our clients to do the work they do, it often requires equipment from all over the world. Recently, a client needed to gather 49 pieces of equipment in Blyth England to help lay and repair cable at the bottom of the ocean to move power from offshore wind farms to land.

The work they do is enabling a greener and better world. It is exciting to witness the work so many of our partners are doing.

But in the end, regardless of how incredible the work is, someone has to gather, load, and move all the parts and equipment necessary to accomplish the work.

Harlyn Solutions

Old, scattered equipment

For our client, they needed parts that had been hastily demobilised and stored all over the port. Some of the equipment had been in storage for years and needed to be re-certified, fixed, and re-packed in order to be transported and used for their project.

In other words, it was a logistical nightmare and would have required significant oversight and coordination to accomplish the organisation and transport in house. Things like this can quickly derail and eat at the budget that should be spent elsewhere. They needed a transport solution and a company that could take the entire scope of the project and accomplish it on their behalf.

The challenge:

Re-certify old equipment

Since much of the equipment had been demobilised for years, each piece had to be checked thoroughly and re-certified before they were shipped.

Missing lift points

For some of the equipment, the lift points were eroded and needed to be fixed.

Tracking down equipment

A lot of the equipment was spread across two terminals in the port and mixed in with other similar project equipment making moving it to the quay a challenge.

Harlyn Solutions

We move incredible

These are the kinds of challenges we love to solve. As engineers, we work to approach every transport solution through the eyes of engineering so we can organise and optimise the entire scope of the project.

In order to transport the 49 scattered parts, we engineered lifting solutions, recertified lift points, installed missing or outdated lift points, and chartered the necessary vessel and cranes to get the job done. Much of the cargo required repacking, removing grillage and naming prior to it being moved.

The solution:

Divide and conquer

Harlyn spent time working with the equipment, removing grillages and sorting naming equipment to make it easily identifiable and in the correct load sequence.

Minimising lifts

Some of the equipment is to be stored for longer periods of time. As such, we supplied flat racks and loaded some equipment to these to reduce lifts and storage requirement at the destination port.

Turnkey is where we shine

All the equipment was picked, prepared and transported on the chosen vessel with minimal client involvement. We are trusted by our clients to perform the work on their behalf so their requirement for supervision is minimal, allowing the clients to do what they do best, changing the world.

Harlyn Solutions

Client testimonial

Parts delivered and ready to use.

In the end, we transported all 49 parts and delivered them to our client organised and ready to use. They had a had a single point of contact and got all their parts with minimal involvement.

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