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Royal IHC

You make incredible, We move incredible

Our client approached Harlyn during the build of a complex piece of offshore equipment. This large complex mechanical handling system was made up of multiple large parts weighing close to 100 tonnes each. Harlyn were involved in multiple attendances to help build the equipment and ship it from the manufacturer’s site to the port where it was integrated into the vessel.

Harlyn Solutions

Big doesn't have to be complicated

Our clients are in the business of creating incredible things. Getting these assembled can sometimes be a challenge. It is often hard to see the best way to assemble something, especially when you have been working on a project for many years. But we specialise in engineering and managing the build of complex, unique and bespoke project equipment.

The challenge:

Big and small we cover it all

During the course of a project, you will need to lift, shift and install all sorts of equipment big and small. We are engineers, not equipment salesmen, we look at every requirement and customise our advise to give the best method to install or transport each item big or small.

Schedules move and so do Harlyn

When building big and outdoors schedules move left and right, pinning a date on a movement is tricky. We understand this and work to try and build in flexibility to our planning to ensure commitments to dates are as late as possible, but understand when it is time to go, that's when we need to go.

Harlyn Solutions

No job too big or too small

In order to support our client, Harlyn delivered numerous scopes to build the equipment. Our skills and flexibility mean we are at home on the big stuff and the small and the way we deliver projects means learning, relationships and teamwork are carried from scope to scope through the project.

The solution:

Big and small we cover it all

Throughout the project we were able to supply fully engineered and rigged solutions for everything from small cylinder installs through to lifting and transporting the full structure. We take the same engineered approach to all work so you have the same standard of work for the small simple scopes as you do for the large and complicated scope.

Engineers dealing with engineers

Our team are engineers, we understand what you are trying to build and how you are going about it. Our team speak your language and we can integrate into your team exchanging 3D models, 2D drawings calculations and talking about safety factors. This back and forward allows us to optimise and gather the information we require without putting additional burden on your team

Total scope management

When it comes to lifting and integrating the structures, we can take over. Our team can perform all the engineering, lift plans, equipment procurement and we deliver onsite. When it comes to the integration of two large items you can pass us the responsibility and we will take it on and you get to sit back and watch your designs coming together.

Coordination is key

When it comes to shipping cargo, it can be a complex multi modal operation. Our client needed to move it to the quayside, prior to lifting it onto a vessel. We provide a one stop shop and coordinate all activities. In this instance, the cargo required jacking, transporting to quay, lifting aboard with a complex 3 leg lifting arrangement and providing the vessel. We coordinate the whole lot ensuring the cargo was at the vessel when required and the ship was sailing on time and as required. We delivered the crane and cargo to the quay in minutes of each other, then loaded the cargo to the vessel as soon as we could open the hatches.

Harlyn Solutions

Client testimonial

Transporting Innovation

We are engineers innovating the world of shipping through engineering-led transport solutions. This means that working with us will ensure that there are no surprises mid transport, we will find any risk mitigating solutions, and you will have a single point of contact with an engineer committed to the success of your project.

Harlyn Solutions

Communication is key

Harlyn performed the PLET Handling System loadout (220t) from the Port of Blyth to the Netherlands. I found Harlyn preparation and work on-site thorough and flexible to overcome issues that arose together. Communication between Haryln and IHC was excellent throughout all stages from bid to equipment delivery.

Project Manager, Royal IHC Ltd

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