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Project info:

Companies Involved:

Marine Fabricators

Total Load Weight:

Over 1100 tonnes

Time To Load:

24 Working Hours


North East UK



Organise, engineer, save

As the cost of services, vessels, and transport continues to grow, efficiency is becoming more and more essential. Companies can waste a lot of time and money transporting heavy equipment without a well engineered plan.

A client recently approached us to find a solution for transporting 292 oddly shaped components to build an offshore carousel being built in Norway. The pieces at the time were spread across their fabrication site, having come back from the painters in slightly random orders.

Harlyn Solutions

A planning problem with an engineering solution

At the core of the challenge our client faced was a planning problem. They could find plenty of companies that would find them a vessel, but few teams could advise the optimised vessel selection, speed of loading and designing and providing the seafastenings for such an aray of cargo.

The challenge:

Organise, Engineer, Save

The benefit of engineering led shipping is that we see every transport challenge as an opportunity for an engineering solution. In order to move all the components from ports in the UK to Norway, we set about drafting meticulous plans for the kind of ship necessary, how each component could be secured and placed, and the best equipment for load in.

In reviewing our client’s needs, we discovered that the project needed a different vessel type than the one they were planning on because we could accomplish the load in without the need of welding. This means lower costs and faster loading and securing for our client.

The solution:

Increased freight rate, lower overall cost

Because of our approach to managing costs, we were able to accomplish the entire loadout with less equipment in 24 hours, including lashing and securing.

On paper, it was higher freight rate, but an overall lower project cost due to smaller cranes, quicker loading and no need for welding or removal of welds.

Twice the cranes, twice the speed

We loaded the vessel utilising two cranes, one larger and one smaller, we optimised the stow to allow this loading and meaning we could load across 86m of deck length from just one set of crane positions. This meant no down time in loading and cranes fully optimised. Two engineers worked hand in hand with the lift supervisors to coordinate the landing of the cargo.

Harlyn Solutions

Client testimonial

We’ll give you a solution so you can go back to changing the world.

When the project was over, we delivered the project as originally priced, without any need for variations, and all while working with a turnkey single source team.

A lower freight rate means nothing if the project itself is inefficient. We’d love to help you save where it really matters through our engineering-led approach.

If you have a transport challenge, give us a call, we’ll give you a solution, so you can go back to changing the world.

Harlyn Solutions

A credit to everyone involved.

Thanks for your excellent services on what I believe was a complex job. The whole operation ran smoothly and was completed in a timely manner - a credit to everyone involved.

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