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Blyth, Northumberland

Safety test without disruption

Testing equipment is essential to maintaining safety, efficiency, and protecting the integrity of the overall structures many of our clients are working to build. The last thing anyone wants is for a failed piece of equipment to hold up an entire project.

While working with a client, a unique problem arose where they needed to be able to test weight bearing capabilities of a large part of their project. They wanted to test it without interrupting the other work on site, but also didn’t want the expenditure of building a custom test platform.

Harlyn Solutions

Out of the box, on the box

The particular piece needed winches to be tested with the wires leaving vertically, which meant that the test had to emulate the height of where it would fit on the overall structure. If they tested it on site, they would have to close the overall site and lose time, money, and progress.

However, the cost of building something from scratch seemed exorbitant and inefficient. Fortunately, Harlyn specialises in solutions.

The challenge:

Maintain safety

Our client needed to make sure the part they were going to install could, in fact, do what they needed it to do.

Stay on track

If they stopped the project to test the equipment, they risked holding up the entire project and wasting money.

Custom manufacturing not an option

To fabricate a custom testing rig would also cost more than they were willing to spend.

Harlyn Solutions

Cost effective with the same results

Instead of building something from scratch, we had the idea to stack a number of containers up to the necessary height. We provided them with simple assembly plans that required minimal bespoke fabrication.

We helped them use equipment already on hand to accomplish the same purpose in a safe and compliant way.

For our client, it wasn’t just about getting the equipment tested at a lower cost. It was about the simplicity of testing the equipment without the headache of drafting a plan, finding multiple vendors, and coordinating everything to get it done.

Since we approach each project holistically and as engineers, we are able to take all of the complexity, coordination, planning, and execution off of our client’s plate and let them get back to the big picture of the incredible work they are doing.

The solution:

Stacking boxes

The site they were testing the equipment had a number of containers on hand, so we devised a plan to securely stack them to give the equipment the height it needed.

Validate safety

Because of our calculations, we knew the test rig would work and give them the confidence they needed to move forward.

Harlyn Solutions

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All in one solution

In the end, we were able to provide a turnkey solution, single point of contact to test the equipment offsite at a minimal cost.

The client was able to perform the test, witness, and sign off of it without it causing any disruption to the overall project. Out of the box thinking sometimes leads us to putting equipment on the box!

If you have a challenge at any phase of the project, give us a call, we’ll give you a solution, so you can go back to changing the world!

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