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Project info:

Companies Involved:

Osbit, Jan De Nul, Wilson




Luxembourg & Belgium

Being the Project Glue

Harlyn successfully won three bids to test, weigh and supervise the delivery of Swordfish, a purpose-built cable burial tool that efficiently protects the subsea cables used by current and future wind farms.

Built by Osbit, on behalf of Jan De Nul, Swordfish is the first of its kind. A multi-functioning trencher that’s powered by 1,200 kW of subsea electrical power. It uses a combination of direct drive and hydraulic distribution for maximum versatility.

Finding Balance

Our clients are incredible. They do incredible work on a vast, wonderous, inspirational scale. The machines they use are big and powerful, and handling them requires intricate planning, sharp thinking, and a delicate touch.


The challenge:

Working with multiple parties

When working collaboratively with three clients, your time becomes more valuable than ever.

A testing challenge

With Swordfish’s unique cutting tool features and with testing needed on land as well as the seabed, an innovative idea would be needed to ensure all functions were in working order.

Equipment requirements

We were required to find an appropriately sized crane that would offer sufficient reach to move the trencher over the water and down to the sea bed to be tested. Hiring an external crane would come at a hefty cost.

Collaborative Solutions

Our skills and flexibility mean we are at home on the big stuff. How we deliver projects means solutions and teamwork are carried through each phase of the project.

The solution:

Being the glue

When you’re working for three separate clients, the challenges are tripled. So is the need for flexibility, reactiveness, and, above all, communication.

Maintaining our ethos of being supportive throughout the project and clear and concise with our solutions made the transition between phases run as smoothly as possible.

Innovative ideas

At the request of Osbit, Harlyn designed a unique method to test the trencher's cutting tool on land. Using two containers as a frame, the trencher was able to be lifted on top allowing the cutting tool ample space to be tested thoroughly.

Lifting with confidence

Harlyn's turnkey solutions and efficiency ensured that we could source and select a port crane confidently, saving significant time and costs.

Client testimonial

Supporting your incredible creations

Harlyn was appointed by three clients to execute the project, which required communication and reactiveness together with innovative solutions. Using our engineering-led solutions we were able to reduce costs and time, while still providing a high-quality service.

Harlyn’s capability and commitment to the project’s success, flexibility, and innovative ideas led to a positive collaboration with the clients throughout the duration of the project.

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