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Heavy Lift Engineering

Harlyn’s independent experts are able to assess your specific needs and determine the best method and assets to lift your items. We take a look at the whole project, weighing up the priorities involved in the lift to ensure the assets, team and accessories are all chosen to meet the project drivers.

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Heavy Lift Engineering

Harlyn Solutions

Planning the most complex lifts

Our team works on heavy lifts across the civil, marine and offshore transport sectors. We provide lifting solutions using mobile, crawler and offshore cranes, as well as utilising jacking, skidding, and gantry lifting technologies.

Our engineers have extensive experience and training by manufacturers to provide solutions across SPMTs, Cranes and Gantry Systems.

We understand the problems and drivers during heavy lifting; the pros, cons and cost benefits to all the decisions taken during the planning of a lift. Our holistic engineered approach to this reduces the risks to our clients.

Our lifting knowledge, in conjunction with our specialisations in Hydrodynamics and Hydrostatics, allows us to plan, engineer, and deliver complex offshore lifts. We support installation activities, decommissioning, and splash zone lifts. This can be vitally important in the nearshore sector when placing cranes and excavators on barges for marine civil work.

Harlyn Solutions


Our engineers have a broad range of lifting experience planning and executing routine and complex heavy lift operations.

Our team engineers the lift itself by performing the structural integrity checks on the items to be lifted from the lift points through to the primary and secondary structure. This all-encompassing approach allows us to have a more thorough overview of the lift and deliver projects other transport services don’t want to be involved with. As with everything, all our projects are led by engineering and practical limitations.

Mobile Cranes and Crawler

Vast experience

We have a vast experience working with all brands of mobile cranes, including tele and strut booms and cranes with and without super lift trays.

Hydraulic Gantry Systems

First principles design

We have a strong portfolio of projects executed with gantry systems. We are able to advise on the use of these systems and engineer not just the legs themselves but also the required lifting top beams and lifting assemblies which play a critical part in the heavy lift operation.

Jacking and Skidding

Moving and sliding

Our team have engineered and delivered a range of jacking and skidding operations both on board vessels and on land. Where this is the right solution our engineers can provide a bespoke package for this challenging operation.

SPMTs and Trailers

Heavy Lifting with Trailers

Harlyn's team are experience and skilled in the operation and planning of working with SPMTs and Hydraulic Trailers. We are able to provide engineered solutions utilising these complex but flexible pieces of equipment

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